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When choosing breeding stock, the entire animal is taken into consideration - temperament, movement and conformation. Dams have good feet, udders, a strong maternal instinct and are easy to work with. We strive to select sires with excellent movement, are agreeable and throw uniform calves with consistent weight gain.  Calves will have had easy births and were up nursing immediately. Have quiet, curious temperaments and strong conformation; with no significant health concerns at any point.

Steers & heifers are only sold in groups of 2 or more. Delivery is available for a modest fee.  

The following animals were fenceline weaned on November 25, 2016.  Vaccinated with Vision®7 Somnus with SPUR® & Bovi-ShieldGold OneShot™ in June 2016 and boosted with Vision®7 Somnus & Pyramid FP5 + Presponse in November 2016. Treated with Ivomec in January 2017 and Cylence July 2017.

We will also have heifer, bull & steer calves available after weaning in December 2017.

Please contact us at 780-842-8285 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or to arrange a viewing.

Daedalus of Willow Glen

Tattoo: WGH 6D
Registration#: 16891
Date of Birth: April 10, 2016

Raymond of High Land Ballaugh x Heritage's Zaskatoon Berry
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Daedalus has stood out from the minute he was born.  He is a beefy, confident young bull that likes to work. Moves beautifully and is easy to handle. Good with decent barbed wire fence; we add a line of offset electric on older, crumbling fences. 

Registered as red, but as he's shed out his baby coat, some faint brindling is apparent. He has been out with a few heifers since June 14th - with no evidence of them coming back into season. We'd love to keep him around, but he's a mishmash of a good chunk of our genetics and honestly we just have too many bulls. 

Price: $2500


Sire & Dam

Dakarai of Willow Glen

Tattoo: WGH 20D
Registration#: 16888
Date of Birth: May 12, 2016

Benedict of Willow Glen x Clachan Glas Wray
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The sweetest, spunkiest heifer in the pasture, when she doesn't have her head buried in the grass. She's all about the groceries. Conformation wise she is correct - stocky and substantial.

Note: She has some slight scarring in one eye from a bout of pink eye - but does not appear to affect her vision at all. Her dam had less than desirable teats, and while we haven't seen this passed on to her offspring to date, it is a possibility to consider.

Price: $2000


Sire & Dam

Davina of Willow Glen

Tattoo: WGH 25D
Registration#: 16889
Date of Birth: June 2, 2016

Raymond of High Land Ballaugh x Turtle Mountain Briar
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We love how she's maturing more and more every day - a pretty, feminine heifer, with some good length to her.

Price: $2500


Sire & Dam